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Kyle Batson Photo


These are some of the most recent photos I have taken over the past six months or so.

Women and men in traditional Mexican dress perform a dance at the Fiesta Mexicana event in Topeka, Kansas. The central figure is a young woman raising the edge of her dress into the air with one hand while holding a fan in the other. The rays of the setting sun highlight her.
Traditional Mexican Dancers Topeka, Kansas
Shocked Expression? SoHo, New York City, New York
Sunglasses Raised SoHo, New York City, New York
Phones out at an Intersection SoHo, New York City, New York
Sailors in a Row New York City, New York
Old Woman Making Faces at a Little Girl SoHo, New York City, New York
Gathering in Front of a Nike Store SoHo, New York City, New York
Men Moving Walls Union Square, New York City, New York
A man and a woman cross the street wearing glasses. He is wearing white, she is wearing black. He also has reading glasses hanging from the collar of his shirt.
Spring Street SoHo, New York City, New York
Street Crosswing with Yellow and Red New York City, New York
Ice Cream Truck, Midtown New York City, New York
Hot & Sweet Sausage Corning, New York
Kids playing in the fountain Wichita, Kansas
Sideways Glance Lawrence, Kansas
Image of a woman outside crouched over taking a photograph of a subject out of frame while a young girl bends down to pet down a pug on a leash while a sculpture of a dinosaur looms in the background.
Street Missouri Missouri
Image of a man outside crouching towards a hole cut out of a display meant for a face to poke through for tourist photos. Instead of a person's face, a dog is there instead. The cutout is positioned right on the rear end of the image of a deer next to the image of a zebra.
Street Missouri 2 Missouri